Search 6 Saturday #S6S

  1. I was recently mentoring a student through a job application process as they were preparing for a government job.  When they returned from the psych evaluation portion of the interview, they explained that the entire test was like a video game.  The immersive scenario was giving her directions at the same time her “team mates” in the game were messaging her, all while they were trying to accomplish a task.
  2. Before my students’ in-country experience, I worked with a student I knew was currently in-country (Spain) at our destination to talk to the class via Bluejeans about what Spain is like and give some cultural tips.  This proved to be a valuable global connection that would not have been possible without videoconferencing capabilities.
  3. Many of my students have asked to cancel class next week because it is Good Friday (a Catholic Holiday preceding the Easter Celebrations).  In order to stay on-track to have their final presentations complete, we needed to edit their scripts that would eventually become their voice overs for their digital stories.  So, I had each group put their scripts on google docs and sign-up on a google doc to each edit another groups script.  They were given instructions via the google doc sign-up sheet, that each member in the group had to respond to the other groups script with a comment and a question.
  4. Meet Chris Craft as he shows us What it Takes to Move From ‘Passive’ to ‘Active’ Tech Use in K-12 Schools. He and his class are using their 3-D printer to create prosthetic limbs for children in their school district.
  5. As I was trying to distinguish between active and passive use of technology, I found the 3 Way to Tell If You Are Using Classroom Tech Actively, to be very helpful because it lined to a number of examples along with making key differentiation.
  6. Looking for ways to experiment more with tech in my classroom in an active way, I turned to the article 20 Fun Fee Tools fro Interactive Classroom Collaboration.

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