Find 5 Friday #F5F

  1. Mixing it Up with Purpose  is a lunch initiative whereby student from different cliques sit with one another and engage in conversation.  This initiative came from about because of the conflict LA schools were having.  This is an opportunity for shared purpose because everyone was being impacted by the conflict and this was their opportunity to work together.
  2. Sharing Our Colors: Writing Poetry is a lesson plan which uses poetry to help students develop their racial and ethnic identities in a safe space.  The shared purpose of developing different identities is a rich one and by doing so through poetry, students can be vulnerable and access these identities through a medium that invites creativity.
  3. The Importance of Purpose in Education seems to support standards based learning but also acknowledges that students need to forge their own paths to reaching those goals.  So can shared purpose support standards based learning?
  4. Connecting Elders and Students to Improve Socio-Emotional Learning The shared purpose of improving socio-emotional learning has led to a program that partners the elderly and school age children.
  5. Creating Identities as Digital Learners is an article about a shared purpose of becoming a more digitally competent.  A teacher takes an unfortunate scheduling mix-up and turns it into an opportunity to teach and learn about digital technology.

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